Work spaces for entrepreneurs

OOIIO has been the winner of the open competition called for the execution of a “business incubator”, a special office building dedicated to new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

OOIIO proposes a new concept of workspace very adapted to the unique conditions of the type of user who will take the first steps of his business career there: the “nurserymen”, who will be people with new ideas, entrepreneurs who want to work, who are pursuing a dream and that can bring multiple benefits to their environment, since they are potential creators of employment and wealth in the medium term. Therefore, the City Council of Mora decides to build a space to house and facilitate the important task of new entrepreneurs supporting them precisely in those most difficult years, just at the beginning.

The OOIIO business incubator is a construction designed to foster interaction between entrepreneurs, creating a work environment and, above all, serving as a platform to launch these new ideas to the market. It consists of workshops on the ground floor and a large co-work space with meeting rooms and training rooms on the first floor. The walls of the offices are not completely closed in order to facilitate the idea of ​​interaction between entrepreneurs, encouraging the exchange of ideas and relationships between them. A large exhibition space with double-height auditorium connects the two floors, this being the real heart of the building, where projects can be exhibited, invited speakers, explain and show the products of the “nursery”, etc.

The objective is to successfully launch their companies to the market, and for this, this open and optimistic building is designed.

The business incubator is not in the urban center of Mora, but in the industrial estate. The shape of the building responds to its adaptation to its industrial environment. Industrial buildings have repetitive silhouettes, and in no case remind a house. We take the silhouette of the traditional houses of the urban center and we make it repetitive in our building to adapt it to the place, but remembering the shape of the houses, so that the “nurserymen” feel the building as their own house.

The color of the double metallic skin for climate control will remind the sparkles and shades of olive oil, the star product and more traditional, important and rooted in local culture.

A building in an industrial estate “link” to the urban core. A facade with colors and brightness “link” to industrial culture and local products.

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  • Awards and Honours: 1st prize in Architecture Competition.
  • Status: Construction Documents.
  • Project Year: 2014 – 2015.
  • Location: Mora, Toledo. Spain.
  • Area: 2,144 m2
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Ana Fernández Galván, Eugenia Peyrón Enjuanes, Francisco González Fernández, Jesús Reyes García, María Ángeles Macías Cristo, Sergio Velandrino Poveda.
  • Client: Mora City Council.