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R+ House OOIIO Arquitectura


A mineral
  • Awards and Honours: “Archilovers Best Project 2019”.
  • Status: Built.
  • Project Year: 2014-2016.
  • Location: Mora, Toledo
  • Area: 241,6 m2
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquin Millan Villamuelas, Sergio González Gómez, Jesús Reyes García, Sergio Velandrino Poveda, Magdalena Polvorinos Caeiro.
  • Structures: Consultora CPE, Juan Vallejo.
  • Facilities: M7AI Architecture and Facilities, Mariano Traver..
  • Building Engineer: José Tomás Fernández Dorado.
  • Construction Safely Manager: José Tomás Fernández Dorado.
  • Client: Private
  • Builder: Cosmos Servicios Inmobiliarios s.l.

It is a project of Single Family Housing between medians conceived as a work of crystallization of spaces.

The plot, located in a narrow street in the center of the town of La Mancha in Mora, in Spain, conditions the way in which the walker will discover the house, somewhat hidden.
The project aims to respond to this situation of “urban discretion,” surrounded by other very simple homes, emerging as a small finding, as something different found by chance, just as when a geologist suddenly bumps into that precious mineral that he was looking for precisely in the most unexpected place.

The spaces are configured in a tectonic way, sticking to each other, as crystallizing from a large central space on which the house rotates, as a covered double height patio, to which all the other “crystals” that make up are connected this mineral and to which natural light reaches it by several points, presided over by the wooden staircase that will embrace the central void.

The stone exterior appearance is enhanced by the choice of facade materials. Clad with sandstone and travertines, which combined generate a smooth and calm chromatism, easily adaptable to the environment, generating warm and elegant environments.

In the back of the house we will find a patio also finished in stone cladding, where we will find a small pond that will increase the feeling of calm, right where the main bedrooms, living room and kitchen are opened.

The energy systems used will make housing highly efficient and ecological.

The R + House is a small find in a narrow street of La Mancha, a home configured from the crystallization of its spaces.