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Architecture Studio

Handmade architecture studio

In a world that goes faster and faster, where everything is rushed and we invest little time to enjoy the process, we have decided to go for the “Tailor Made Architecture”. We pamper our projects until we achieve the best final result.

Just as we go to a tailor when we are looking for a suit that suits us for a special occasion, or we decide to eat in a restaurant where they make amazing dishes to feel a different experience, in OOIIO Arquitecture we make unique projects just for you.

We have been positioned for more than 15 years thanks to our unique projects as an architectural firm in Madrid and the rest of Spain, dedicating all our resources to research to find special and creative solutions to all kinds of proposals through architecture.

At OOIIO Arquitecture we know how important your home is to you. Enjoy the process.

What makes us unique as architects

Creativity + Technique: We believe that an architect’s main tool is imagination, always supported by a deep technical knowledge. With this simple addition, great results can be achieved.

Achieve a lot with little: We are specialists in proposing powerful and fresh solutions using the right resources. The cheapest material is the one you don’t use. The easiest to bring to the site is the one you have next to you.

Architecture must excite: We shy away from pre-established solutions. We consider the fundamental values of buildings to be their quality and ability to transmit precise sensations. Taking care of the spaces where we live will greatly improve our comfort and quality of life.

We listen to the client: The architect’s job is to create spaces for others. We deeply audit the needs of the promoter to know the objectives he wants to achieve with this work. We must never lose the focus that motivated the order. We do not design for ourselves, but always for third parties.

We don’t throw in the towel: We fight every project from start to finish. We know that the process required to construct a building is long and complex, many players are involved and unforeseen events arise. We always work overtime to get things right.

We don’t do paper architecture: We have built enough and we have the technical capacity and know-how to turn an idea into a building. We love to go to the construction site and see how all those conversations and proposals with our clients become a reality. Our goal is always execution, so we know the importance of proposing realistic and sensible solutions, tightly controlling the budget at all times.

Our unique creative process, with which we make completely customized homes and projects a reality, guarantees that the final result will be extraordinary, special and just right for you.

You will no longer have to adapt to living in any way. You will go from being a colonizer of spaces that are given to you to being a sculptor, the designer of your own way of life. Your home will be your paradise. A place where everything is designed for your comfort and happiness.

Define your spaces. You are where you live.

Services of our architectural firm

We make unique projects, with soul. If you are looking for a conventional solution, we are not your architects. We work with many different typologies, but always for clients who are looking for something special, designed for them, tailored to their needs.

Architectural projects

Architectural firm for singular projects


At OOIIO we make unique projects, we are committed to creativity and customization. At our architectural firm, we understand that each project is unique and requires a tailored approach to reach its full potential. We focus on creating spaces from the ground up with the client in mind. We care about how you dream of living, in order to create that perfect setting where you can enjoy your loved ones, comfortable, that reflects your personality, tastes, aspirations…

Architects in Madrid and all the National Territory



We have projects underway throughout Spain


We can customize your project, we are specialists in adapting to your budget and needs.


We control costs and construction times at all times.


We only work with Premium Professionals that we make available to our customers .


We help you save a lot of money with a complete design well thought out from start to finish, we are your best ally!

Enjoy the creative – technical process of OOIIO



We combine in each project the passion for creation with the maximum technical rigor necessary to innovate in architecture.


Our customers decide. You will be able to visualize your building in 3D at every step of the process to give us your opinion.


We control deadlines. The work will be signed with a time commitment for completion.


We create energy-efficient buildings. We always start from functionality, rationality and responsible use of resources.


We started from scratch with you in mind. Our architects will design a unique and exclusive project, there will be no other like it.

Transform your ideas into reality with our architecture studio.
We design and build unique and customized spaces so you can live in the home of your dreams.