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OOIIO is an urban architecture studio in Madrid. The mission of our urban architects is to carry out architectural projects that transmit emotions and with which our clients feel satisfied.

When it comes to urban design, we work with the Hygge method, a unique and creative method that makes your house to measure, a systematized and successfully tested in numerous houses built by OOIIO. With the Hygge method, we make custom homes for our clients. Let yourself be carried away by the Hygge philosophy to enjoy the comfort of the simple things of everyday life. At OOIIO we work with this method to make your urban design house a reality.


In order to carry out a correct urban design project, we adjust to the needs of each project and dedicate the necessary time to get to know the peculiarities of each town, city and its inhabitants.

We carry out both rehabilitation and design of new urban spaces from scratch, being our goal to revitalize or give a new life to public spaces that have been losing their functionality or charm over the years.


Our team of urban architects gets to work to rehabilitate and plan the design of different public spaces. To do this, we make a rigorous analysis of the space, advising what we think is best for each territory, and taking into account the resources and culture of each town and city.

Rehabilitation and renovation will be done with the same objective: flexible spaces, without harming the environment and saving as much money as possible.

Urban architects

All our urban projects are based on the analysis of the current use of space, the study of circulation, topography, light and the typical materials and structure of the town or city. On these foundations we build original projects that are integrated into the current space.

Urban design involves an amalgamation of architecture and building rehabilitation, landscape design and urban planning in which all aspects of the city, town or village are taken into account. At OOIIO we not only take into account all these factors, but we also seek to ensure that the new urban design promotes sustainability among its inhabitants.

Urban design requires an understanding of a wide variety of factors, both geographic and social, whose coming together makes urban spaces places of great beauty and personality. contact Our urban architects will inform you about our way of working, methods and deadlines.