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AWARD. OOIIO Finalist in the Castilla La Mancha Architecture Awards.

by | Jun 9, 2022 | Awards, News | 0 comments

A project by OOIIO Architecture Studio has been awarded as Finalist for the Architecture and Urbanism Awards of Castilla La Mancha, 2020-2021.

The project is the Horse Riding Field in Cattle Farm, designed and executed under the direction of the team of architects and engineers that make up OOIIO Architecture. An intervention that consisted of the extension of some existing buildings in a large country estate, integrating a new warehouse, stables and other facilities for sports training with horses.

A project that must respect and at the same time improve the architecture of what has already been built in the place, while playing with the beautiful landscape that surrounds it, thanks to the games on the roof that look like “frozen waves” in the Castilian countryside.

These “waves” were actually designed to flood the horses’ jumping area with light from the north, so that there would be no shadows or reflections that could disturb the animals and riders while they train, without giving up enjoying very bright interiors and with a great feeling of spaciousness.

OOIIO is an architecture studio based in Madrid that has successfully completed numerous works, betting at all times on creativity combined with architectural rationality, achieving realistic and innovative works at the same time.

The Castilla La Mancha Architecture and Urbanism Awards will be held every two years and their main purpose is to publicly recognize the quality of architectural and urban production in Castilla La Mancha Region, as well as the work and commitment of the architect within society.

The aim is to promote quality architecture and urban planning to society, the optimal use of resources and the search for innovative solutions, as well as the reinforcement of the cultural and social character of architecture and urban planning in its condition of good of general interest.



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