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Auditorio Illescas OOIIO Arquitectura m


Stranded Boxes
  • Status: Competition.
  • Project Year:2017.
  • Location: Illescas, Toledo, España.
  • Area: 3.682,00 m2
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquin Millán Villamuelas, Eduardo Mora, Carlota Le Quinio, Paolo Mercorillo.
  • Structures: OOIIO Arquitectura.
  • Facilities: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Client: Ayuntamiento de Illescas.

We propose as architects in Illescas, Toledo, a new, contemporary building, with an attractive and unique presence that contributes to modernize and improve the image of the town out.

We are aware of the great effort that the town intends to make to build a building of these dimensions, so despite the dignity of our proposal, its construction is simple, low maintenance and very high energy efficiency.

The visual and formal richness of the New Municipal Auditorium contrasts with the constructive simplicity of the building that we want to carry out as architects in Illescas: We solve the entire program in a combination of “boxes” and “fluid spaces” that embrace them.

In a simple “beached boxes” with sloping roofs to a water contain the main uses that will require specific facilities for use, such as auditoriums, cafeteria, playroom, offices, etc.

The building seeks constructive integration with the environment and the traditional architecture of the municipality. It describes an innovative execution system based on simple materials, so that originality is achieved thanks to the placement in a more contemporary way of materials as used and cheap as simple ceramic scratches.

We have two types of facades or envelopes, the basement and the boxes that emerge on it.

The first one is made up of modular slats of 4.0 x 1.5 meters. These panels will be built in a workshop and brought to work already assembled, so that the construction will be streamlined and cheaper.

The panels are built on metal frames as a frame on which the ceramic scratches are fixed. These simple, sustainable and cheap elements but now placed in an innovative way guarantee us a suggestive image with very low costs.

The rhythm of these panels, which function as slats, is variable, being randomly composed by three angles, 30º, 45º and 60º. Although the design has a vocation for chance, the orientation of the different facades is taken into account for placement and opening, thus achieving the highest possible bioclimatic efficiency.

With respect to the second type of facade, corresponding to the volumes of what we have called “boxes”, the solution adopted is a ventilated facade of ceramic plates with an exploded view of 0.9 x 0.4 meters. Ceramic ventilated facades are products manufactured in the province of Toledo, with very low maintenance over time that also offer excellent energy control opportunities for the building, while we are using a material that chromatically melts perfection with the environment and the local constructive tradition, although now placed in the mode of the 21st century.

These boxes will be surrounded by “fluid spaces” that will facilitate the routes, evacuations, ventilation, etc. and that they will also be ideal for recreational activities such as those planned for the cultural hall, spaces to sit in the cafeteria or playroom.

In short, an ambitious project but very well thought out and with excellent results, being aware of the responsibility we had when facing this challenge as architects in Illescas.