Paseo de San Illan, 47
28019 Madrid

MONTE DE LA VILLA ooiio arquitectura Madrid


Terraced houses in Madrid
  • Awards and Honours Bronze A´Design Award in Architecture, 2020. Loop Design Award – Honorable Mention in Multi Unit Housing Category, 2020.
  • Status: Built.
  • Project Year: 2017 – 2019.
  • Location: Montecarmelo, Madrid.
  • Area: 586,4 m2
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Interior Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Sandra Milena Medina Montoya, Paula Pérez Escudero.
  • Facilities: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Civil Engineer: Antonio Ruiz Rodríguez.
  • Safety & Health: Antonio Ruiz Rodríguez.
  • Client: Private.
  • Builder: Agustín Rodríguez Costa Construcciones s.l.

OOIIO Architecture designs and builds terraced houses in Madrid, specifically in the Montecarmelo neighbourhood, one of the most fashionable residential areas in the capital.

If today you walk through the streets of Montecarmelo you can see new homes everywhere, since it is a fairly young neighbourhood in Madrid. From our point of view, most of these constructions convey few emotions, it seems as if they were content to respond to purely mercantile parameters, forgetting that architecture is more than that.

From time to time you run into some more special architectural solution, which also exists, and it is in this group that OOIIO Architecture has wanted to place itself. OOIIO seeks to convey emotions and sensations through creativity and uniqueness in architecture.

When we all close our eyes and think of the words “terraced houses in Madrid” images of monotony and alignment come to mind quickly. It is true that the urban planning that governs the Madrid neighbourhoods are authentic cages for creativity, alignment machines, factories of the same.

In OOIIO Architecture we apply certain design techniques, such as Dalí’s “paranoid-critical method,” which allow us to escape these restrictions. Although of course we comply with the norm, we let our imagination flow to reach unexpected solutions.

This was, for example, thinking of traditional sun protection systems, such as esparto blinds that can be found in vernacular architecture in southern and eastern Spain, we came to the solution of creating rough brick cloths that cover and protect from the sun these terraced houses in Madrid, configuring the facade.

The interiors are warm, with luminosity and joy. Although the houses may look the same outside, without knowing where one begins and the other ends, inside each house responds to a different configuration. Again we bet on the custom design of each solution. The houses are built for different families, so it would be strange to make them live in the same spatial distribution, it would not make sense if we make customized architecture tailored to each client.