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Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Rural Zones.

  • Status: Construction Documents
  • Project Year: 2018 – 2020.
  • Location: Argés, Toledo.
  • Area: 210,3 m2
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Interior Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Cloé Vázquez Castro, Ignas Ceponis.
  • Facilities: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Building Engineer: Francisco Rabadán Banegas.
  • Safety and Health: Francisco Rabadán Banegas.
  • Client: Private.

Living the design, living the spatial quality, is a luxury, a pleasure that can be repeated every day. The good news is that it is an affordable luxury. In order to enjoy the great advantages of living in a well-designed house, it is not necessary to spend more money than you would spend on a poorly designed house. “Only” you have to think well the things through and properly use the resources available to you.

Nowadays contemporary ways of life, increasingly dependent on connectivity and not so much on physical location, are opening up a new world of possibilities for areas that were not so attractive before for different types of families.

The separation between the rural and the urban is blurring. On one hand, people living in the rural world have access to more and more services (if they have to carry out an administrative procedure, they no longer have to go to the capital to do so, they buy in the same shops as city people and receive the products also at home, attend the same courses, conferences or webinars as urbanites, etc.) on the other hand, living in a town no longer necessarily means living in the countryside, but more and more work can be done remotely, something that after the Covid-19 crisis has been greatly enhanced.

Families who decide to live in the rural environment today seek the same standards of quality, sophistication and comfort as those who live in the capitals, with the advantage that they can achieve them at a lower cost in a much healthier and calmer environment.

Arges House designed by OOIIO Architecture is a design single-family home that seeks maximum sustainable demand, energy efficiency and design quality.

The energy consumption of the house is as low as possible. The façade is made with “frontiss brick” by La Paloma Ceramics, a company close to the construction site.

It is a self-ventilated facing brick, which has an external sheet integrated, generating a self-ventilated chamber. With this system we managed to build a ventilated façade using a traditional brickwork system. A constructive system offering two solutions in one element.

Besides, the windows comply with the highest levels of insulation. The air conditioning of the Arges House is made with a state-of-the-art geothermal cooling and radiant floor system combined with solar panels, which saves energy thanks to the use produced by the internal heat of the Earth and which has been concentrated in the subsoil in Places known as geothermal reservoirs, which, if well managed, can produce clean energy indefinitely.

The finishes, the design of the house itself, the aesthetics chosen by the clients, speak of a sophisticated, attractive and very original home that we could find in any high-end urbanization in a city. The Arges House is on the outskirts of a town in the province of Toledo, on a land that our clients bought at a very affordable price. It even has an orchard in the back garden!