UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). OOIIO begins the refurbishment in Toledo of an old haystack.

Reforma en Toledo diseñada por el estudio de arquitectura OOIIO

The refurbishment works in Toledo of an old haystack designed by the OOIIO Architecture studio are progressing little by little, and the results are already poping up.

As a work to recover old structures, the project is always open, so we never know what we are going to find when working on old buildings.
Decisions are constantly made on site and the project continues on the ground as if we were in the architecture studio.

For example, to preserve a wonderful wall of old bricks that threatened to fall, we had to shore up and reinforce with that hidden structural elements on this area of ​​the building.
It was much easier to throw away that partition and make a new one, but our intention is always to preserve the essence of the constructions in which we intervene, and which we later combined with well-integrated modern touches.

Another key decision of this refurbishment project in Toledo is the union of different agricultural spaces in disuse that were previously separated. With this simple operation we are going to get a very large and bright space where before there were only small rooms with no connection between them.

Now it is too early to see results, everything seems to be upside down !, but soon the successes of the refurbishment will be seen.
The intervention works in old buildings require some patience, but in the end they are much more grateful offering excellent results.

Within our specialization as architects in refurbishment works in Toledo, we are fortunate to already have numerous built projects in the area, knowing well the keys to executing unique buildings, with a novel and well-worked design.

We will soon show news of this project on our social networks and web!

Reforma en Toledo diseñada por el estudio de arquitectura OOIIO

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