UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Our architecture studio grows up!



The OOIIO architecture studio, specialized in the design and execution of singular projects, has 6 of their last projects under construction at the moment.

In addition, the architects have just delivered another 4 projects this summer, signing the Final Certificate of Construction Works, concluding with success all the long and hard work process since one day the clients decided to call the studio requesting the services of OOIIO .

This volume of work managed at the same time is another data that shows the upward evolution of this architecture studio, which has continued to grow steadily since its founding in 2010.
The management of all these construction works at the same time, solving the various day-to-day problems that may arise in each case, while continuing to design new innovative projects in the studio, more awards and recognitions are obtained for the work done, … indicates maturity and well-being make by the team of OOIIO technicians.

All the projects are carried out with affection, hard work and effort on the part of a broad and varied human team. A “simple house” in OOIIO goes through dozens of people who give their best to achieve an optimal result, from the commissioning to the completion of the construction work, through a process that combines the technical with the creative, the world of reason with the world of dreams, the purest engineering efficiency with plasticity and poetics.

We will continue working in our architecture studio to grow more and continue to always surprise our clients with unexpected and original results.

Link to some of the latest OOIIO Architecture built projects.