UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Two houses in Montecarmelo, Madrid.


OOIIO begins the construction of two houses in Montecarmelo, one of the most fashionable residential neighborhoods of Madrid.

The architecture studio has designed with care and hard work every corner of these houses. The project phase has involved a thorough study of the way of life of our customers, what they expect from their new homes and what materials and construction systems are the most efficient and adjusted to their initial budget.

At the moment the construction work has just begun, and the foundations are being executed, after the emptying necessary to reach the level of the basements. This summer will be intense work time on site. Soon we will reach roof level!

One of the most attractive details of this houses in Montecarmelo will be its facades, designed to reduce the energy consumption of buildings through passive elements. Soon you will see the full project published on OOIIO´s website.

We are sure that the construction will go well and soon these two new homes in Montecarmelo will be part of the landscape of the neighborhood. The families of our clients will boast of living in one of the cooler houses in Montecarmelo.

We are very excited in the studio of seeing this project growing up. It has brought us so much hard work and dedication!

Soon we will show news of these housing projects in Montecarmelo on our social networks and web!

Link to more information about this housing project.