LECTURE. (Ecuador). 2nd Iberoamerican Architectural Academic Biennial. Cuenca, Ecuador.

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OOIIO participates as lecturer at the 2nd Iberoamerican Architectural Academic Biennial (ARQA) celebrated in Cuenca, Ecuador, presenting several of the latest OOIIO projects designed on the past years and showing the OOIIO techniques for the development of different scale projects.

Event Organization Description:

“ARQA Targets:

a. To provide an international forum of the highest academic level for reflection , debate and exchange of experiences on teaching architectural design, creative ideation and strategies in Latin American universities.

b. To constitute the appropriate international space to stage the academic processes of architectural design and works of students of Latin American universities.

c. To contribute to knowledge and appreciation of Latin American architecture, in the perspective of locating it in the global context and visualize your future travels.”

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