OOIIO lectures in Ukraine at the “International Festival of Architecture and Building”.


The Director of OOIIO Architecture, Joaquín Millán, lectures in Kiev, Ukraine, in the international event “Festival of Architecture and Building 2019”

An interesting multi-business meeting, in which both architects and construction companies met with construction materials companies to exchange new ideas and products.

In this edition the guiding ideas were:

  • Urban Planning
  • Architecture and Design
  • Smart Housing
  • Inclusion and Accessibility

Selected precisely for running a multidisciplinary Architecture Studio, Joaquín Millán was able to address all these issues with his more than 15 years of experience in the sector. The initial learning of OOIIO Architects in Europe and South America, and the subsequent growth centered in Spain despite the deep economic crisis that the country suffered for several years. Currently OOIIO is consolidating itself as one of the emerging Spanish Architecture Studios with a more defined upward projection.

In the URBAN LAB program the conferences, round tables, workshops and meetings with businessmen, included a Project Marathon in which OOIIO participated showing its works.

In this event, several international architects presented both their built work and their immediate future projects.

Joaquín Millán approached the architecture lecture in an innovative way, recounting his successes, and also failures, from which he has been learning until he can form the current Studio that will turn 10 years old next 2020. Through the talk, Joaquín could explain OOIIO´s Work Methodology, where everything comes from something, however it is small or big. It all starts with three questions:

How to face a place?

How the ideas born for a project?

How is the necessary link to link both?

Undoubtedly, the International FAB was a perfect enclave to formulate them, and put them in common with the other emerging studies that attended. All this without forgetting one of the most important issues of the event, the architecture from the business point of view and its relationship with other important players in the sector such as construction companies, customers, etc. Joaquín could talk about it from the experience in OOIIO’s growing work load.

We leave you with the link of the architecture conference and the event:

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