UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Flat Refurbishment in Madrid.



OOIIO designs a flat refurbishment in Madrid, with the aim of radically transforming the appearance of an old apartment in the Madrid Río area.

The clients asked to OOIIO´s architects for an original and different project, something fresh that does not resemble at all the previous state of the apartment, which had the classic look of an old apartment, like so many others, full of walls everywhere, creating micro rooms and not letting natural light to cross through the interior space.

Doubt to the low spatial quality of the old flat, OOIIO´s Interior Design Team decided to demolish all doors and partitions, freeing the apartment of that old-fashioned obsession of compartmentalize everything, discovering attractive old metal pillars that were covered with plaster. Now they will stand out in the project as cool industrial look elements.

It is not the first time that OOIIO has been in charge of a flat refurbishment in Madrid, in fact it is one of the most common projects of this architecture studio. Over the years, and after successfully completing many similar jobs, the team of professionals has acquired a valuable “know how” to undertake comprehensive works within time and budget.

OOIIO always surprises to their customers! After the conscientious work of its interior designers and architects, they are capable of getting a simple old flat refurbishment in Madrid, to look like an expensive and sophisticated New York apartment. Radiant, original and full of freshness!

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