UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Building Renovation in Yepes.

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The three-story building renovation works in Yepes, Toledo, have already begun.
The main objective of our intervention is to improve the accessibility and energy efficiency of the old building located in a very central point of the town.

In order to carry out the works properly, a scaffolding has been erected that covers the entire façade and protects the commerce that continues to operate on the ground floor while the refurbishment work is done in the second and third floor.

A building renovation project is always open, so that we never know what we will find as we progress with the pre-established plan initially.
Decisions are made constantly on the site and the project continues on the ground as if we were in the architecture studio.

It is intended to provide this building with a lift, and replace the roof with a new one, much more thermally efficient, which is why we had to do important work of review and to study the existing structures before approaching the work.

One of the key decisions of this project of building renovation in Toledo is the organization of the different phases, since during the work the house is still inhabited by the owners and the business of the ground floor is still working, so everything has to flow well to avoid discomfort as much as possible.

Now it is still too early to see results, everything seems to be upside down, but soon the successes of the alterations will be seen little by little.
Intervention in old buildings require some patience, but in the end they are much more grateful offering excellent results.

Within our specialization as architects with building renovation works in Toledo, we are fortunate to have many projects in the area, knowing well the keys to execute unique works, with an innovative and elaborated design.

OOIIO Reforma un Edificio en Yepes, Toledo.

OOIIO Reforma un Edificio en Yepes, Toledo.

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