OOIIO gets two “Best Project Archilovers 2019”



Two residential projects designed by OOIIO selected as “Best Project 2019” in the well-known international architecture blog Archilovers.

This is an award that distinguishes the projects that have aroused the most interest in readers of the blog specializing in architecture and design every year.

Archilovers is a blog that tens of thousands of architects, designers and architecture lovers from all over the world read daily. It has a very strong presence in social networks and is one of the largest architecture portals worldwide. They publish thousands of projects annually and two OOIIO projects have managed to stand out within this community for their architectural interest and design quality for Internet users.

For an architecture studio such as OOIIO that is committed to uniqueness and to achieve designs capable of transmitting emotions, it is very important to check that our projects attract attention and also like when they are compared to an audience as wide and diverse as the thousands of readers from all over the world who visit a blog specialized in modern architecture like that.

One more way to continue encouraging the architects of the OOIIO Team to bet on bold and innovative designs.

Congratulations to all who participated in each of the two projects: Casa R + and Casa MIGA.


If you want to read more about those projects check them out here:

R+ House, a mineral.

MIGA House, flat refurbishment in Madrid Río.