OOIIO. (Spain). Renewable Energies in Domestic Architecture.

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Begins 2018 and it is mandatory to look back to see what data has left us in 2017. Among many analyzes in relation to the current policy of the country, economy, housing prices, architecture and construction … etc, we have found a positive and quite hopeful fact that we did not expect:

“Both nuclear energy and coal, or energies that come from combined cycle power plants that burn natural gas to generate electricity, or even cogeneration, have produced as much electricity as renewable technologies in the last 12 months. . One in three kilowatts, of all those used in Spain, is clean and indigenous, that is, it has come from some source of energy that is renewable: wind, water, sun or biomass “

OOIIO is a company that bets on its designs for these renewable energies in architecture, not only to avoid contributing to the disastrous climate change that some still try to deny, but because we are convinced that their characteristics are especially advantageous for an efficient air conditioning of spaces that We project for our clients.

In the good designs we can take advantage of renewable energies in architecture in a very simple way, simply by not using the traditional systems of climate control that burn fossil fuels and taking advantage of the systems of air conditioning for electricity or biomass, currently very developed, ensuring a well-proven efficiency, and with the consequent saving in the pocket of the end user in the short and medium term.

In the recently built homes of OOIIO Architecture there are several examples where we use systems such as Aerotermia, a system that consumes mostly renewable energy, and also receives the support of solar panels that increase their efficiency and reduce their consumption.

The Aerotermia machines are state-of-the-art heat pumps designed to provide cooling in summer, heating in winter and, if desired, hot water all year round. In most cases, as we say, we have even placed photovoltaic panels to support this primary for ACS.

It is a clean technology that extracts up to 80% of the wind energy production and that is giving extraordinary results.

Let’s continue betting on renewable energies in architecture! they are no longer the future, but the present!

* For any questions or doubts, ask our specialist architects.

Link to one of our houses with air conditioning system by aerotermia and underfloor heating.