OOIIO, Home Builders in Madrid.

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OOIIO Architecture, with experience among the construction companies of houses in Madrid.

All our projects always seek a unique and original solution that believes and bets for a unique design.

We understand architecture not only as a construction of logical and functional spaces, but as a creative exercise. Through it, we can transmit certain emotions with materials and forms. Therefore, we want to design projects that play with natural light, artificial lighting, color and geometry.

As a home builders in Madrid company we wanted to make our clients’ dreams come true through projects that have been carefully worked on, like personalized single-family houses and exclusive homes. Houses that have always been designed based on the needs of each client, always improving their expectations.

One of the projects of this type that has been realized from Ooiio Architecture is, for example, the House SS2. A set of volumes associated with different materials, colors and functions where an attractive composition of pieces has been sought, allowing its inhabitants to enjoy space and light.

It is a very special house, adapted at all times to the expectations of customers who wanted a unique home out of the ordinary.

In all corners, we can contemplate different points of view with their own textures, brightness, nuances, reflections … Through this perceptive richness, we aim to bring uniqueness to the project, awakening the senses and emotions of the user or visitor of the home.

The different volumes, textures, shapes and colors make the house move away from the more conventional projects and, in this way, fulfill the desire of our clients to live in a very unique house.

Faced with the requirement to lower costs without having to renounce experimentation and maximum expression of materials, we wanted to pay tribute to the wonderful Manchego architect of the 20th century, Miguel Fisac, imitating his attitude of experimentation with concrete for facades made in situ, with rudimentary and cheap techniques.

Therefore, we designed a series of concrete cladding with textures, shades and finishes. Building a house where all nuances will be in constant change throughout the day.

Projects like ours will make you stay away from the usual boredom to get multiple stimuli to your senses.

If you have a special project in mind and are looking for home builders in Madrid </ em>, contact Ooiio Architecture through the form you can find on our website, or by sending an email to info@ooiio.com . You can also call us without any commitment to our contact telephone number 91 282 62 19.