UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Housing Project in Toledo.


The works of Casa Velázquez in Mora, Toledo, continue in progress – another housing project in Toledo designed by the OOIIO architecture studio.
We are sure that this house will not leave indifferent anyone who finds it walking through the streets of Mora.

It is a house in three heights with a very worked out composition, so that all the spaces are expressed in their own way to the outside, with its own volumetric wrap, thus achieving that the house is a cluster of cubic pieces of clean and rotund geometry.

As in other housing projects in Toledo designed by the architects of the OOIIO studio, natural light is another material to play with in the house. Each hole in the façade or roof is strategically designed to illuminate every corner of the house, creating attractive, bright and cheerful interiors.

After several weeks working the foundations and earth containments, the volumes that will configure the new design house are already beginning to give an idea of it.

We are very happy with the evolution of the works. The construction company is executing the works very well and I am sure that the final result will be very attractive.

We are very excited in the studio to continue to see this project grow, which has brought us so much work and dedication!

Soon we will show news of this housing project in Toledo on our social and web networks!