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Handmade architecture studio

At OOIIO Arquitecture we know how important your home is to you.

We have more than 15 years of experience as an architectural firm in Madrid and Spain dedicating all our resources to the research of residential architecture for families, in national and international projects.

Throughout all this time we have realized that a process that should be an exciting moment in the life of our clients, the construction of your house, the materialization of a dream, often turned into a nightmare full of obstacles.

Hygge is a method systematized and successfully tested in numerous homes built by our architectural firm in Madrid, designed to suit you, your tastes and needs, your budget, your family. You control everything with our help. You will not feel overwhelmed by an unfamiliar process. We are here to help you.

What makes us unique as architects

The first assignment of our architecture studio in Madrid was precisely a house for some friends. Since then, fortunately, we have not stopped receiving orders. Our customers are our best salespeople. Our built works are our advertisements.

One house after another, we have been understanding and solving all the problems that families face when undertaking a construction process. After years of experience as architects in Madrid, we know perfectly well the steps we have to take, how to reduce unnecessary risks, how to make a previously traumatic process finally a stage of life to enjoy, to remember.

After all this learning, we have built for you Hygge, our design method. A unique creative process with which we make homes and projects completely personim.

This method guarantees that the final result will be extraordinary, special and just right for you. You will no longer have to adapt to living in any way. You will go from being a colonizer of spaces that are given to you to being a sculptor, the designer of your own way of life. Your home will be your paradise. A place where everything is designed for your comfort and happiness.

Services of our architectural firm

At OOIIO we focus on providing innovative and high quality services to meet the needs of our customers. Our studio specializes in a wide variety of projects

Architectural projects

Architectural firm for singular projects


At OOIIO we do unique projects. At our architectural firm, we understand that each project is unique and requires a customized approach to reach its full potential. That is why we focus on creating unique and personalized spaces that reflect the personality and needs of our clients.

Architects in Madrid and all the National Territory



We have projects underway throughout Spain


We can customize your project, we are specialists in adapting to your budget and needs.


We control costs and construction times at all times.


We only work with Premium Professionals that we make available to our customers .


We help you save a lot of money with a complete design well thought out from start to finish, we are your best ally!

Enjoy the creative – technical process of OOIIO



We combine in each project the passion for creation with the maximum technical rigor necessary to innovate in architecture.


Our customers decide. You will be able to visualize your building in 3D at every step of the process to give us your opinion.


We control deadlines. The work will be signed with a time commitment for completion.


We create energy-efficient buildings. We always start from functionality, rationality and responsible use of resources.


We started from scratch with you in mind. Our architects will design a unique and exclusive project, there will be no other like it.

Transform your ideas into reality with our architecture studio.
We design and build unique and customized spaces so you can live in the home of your dreams.