INTERVIEW. (Spain). Refurbishment works of OOIIO Architecture in TV.

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Arquitecto reformas Toledo

OOIIO concludes the refurbishment works of an old Haystack in Toledo, Spain. Castilla La Mancha TV interviews Joaquín Millán, OOIIO´s founder and responsible architect for the transformation of these old agricultural spaces in disuse.

For OOIIO, betting on refurbishment and not on demolishing this type of old buildings is without any doubt a guarantee of success. Old buildings have a lot to offer us yet!
Understanding its architecture and construction, old buildings can be recovered with a very moderate investment, much less than what it would cost us to demolish and rebuild again.

Betting on refurbishment is also great to bring back to life spaces that today would no longer be profitable to build with new techniques, you get spaces that are “no longer made” nowadays, and that brings great added value to the final result.

Regarding energy efficiency, we must bear in mind that the old buildings were built at a time when there was no heating as we understand it now, so in general, if you know how to inhabit them intelligently, they are spaces better adapted than modern ones, which require specific extra systems to heat or cool the interiors.

Nothing better than a thick adobe wall to make not necessary to invest in anything else to keep the interior at a constant temperature!

Undoubtedly, this refurbishment is one of the most representative OOIIO works of the year 2017. It has contributed to the studio as learning process of old construction techniques and how to recover damaged architectural elements.

It is important to explain the benefits of rehabilitation versus demolish and build again.

You can also recycle the architecture!

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