OOIIO Architecture, specialists in Unique Homes.



OOIIO Architecture was consolidated in 2018 as one of the best architecture studios in Madrid specializing in the design and execution of unique homes, thanks to several works completed successfully.

The vocation of OOIIO with the boutique residential architecture arises from the very foundational moment of the company, in 2009, towards the beginning of the real estate crisis that profoundly affected the construction market in Spain for years. The first commission with which the office started was a special singular house, designed with great care for a young couple who wanted a different home, personalized according to their tastes, but it should not exceed a very tight budget that they had by then.

This same profile of customer and commission has been repeated successively throughout this decade in the studio. That already accumulates an important “know-how” in the boutique housing market, being able now to manage various projects at the same time, but without losing the freshness and uniqueness required by each client who decides to make a personalized home with OOIIO.

The fact that they have not stopped receiving commissions of singular housing at the studio during all the hard and long years of the Spanish real state crisis is quite significant. Word of mouth is the best guarantee that OOIIO customers are satisfied, always exceeding their initial expectations.

OOIIO is an architecture studio that was born and grew up in the middle of a deep economic crisis, which has also marked the personality of the work of this architecture office. Since the beginning the team got used to achieve a lot with little. Being very aware that the resources are not unlimited, getting buildings to be on tight budget and construction deadlines.

A good work of Architecture does not need to be more expensive than a vulgar work! It is actually the other way around: if you get a lot with few resources, it means that you are doing things well.

Nowadays that OOIIO´s “know-how” in singular housing and the bet of the company for the personalized architecture is living a second phase of development with the design of housing real estate developments or apartments buildings for promoters, not only focusing the work in the design for small private investors. This is because the specialized entrepreneurs of the sector who have known residential architecture works of OOIIO, have understood the good work as project managers of this team of professionals and the enormous added value that a good design can bring to revalue an important investment such is real estate.

Throughout the year 2019 will be unveiled new OOIIO projects of Unique Residential Architecture and we will continue checking not only with words, but also with facts, that betting on unique residential architecture is also very profitable.

A client who builds a better and different home than the houses of their neighbours for the same price, will automatically have made an excellent investment, plus will enjoy the pleasure of living in Unique Architecture.