UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Apartment Refurbishment in Madrid.


The OOIIO architecture studio continues at a good pace with the apartment refurbishment works in Madrid, in a beautiful apartment in the well-known area of ​​Paseo de la Castellana.

The project consists of carrying out a deep and complete remodeling of an old apartment for a family with young children, who wants this house to be a very special and welcoming place for them for many years, trusting the OOIIO technical team with the responsibility to design the best possible housing solution, fully adjusting to the needs and demands of your day to day, within a budget and deadlines agreed before the start of the work.

The architects, engineers and interior designers of OOIIO with a lot of effort are taking care of EVERYTHING (construction management, detail design, adjustment of budgets, choice of materials within the budget and tastes of the client, municipal licensing procedures, safety and health in the work, compliance with the rules of the community of neighbors, …) so that customers do not have unpleasant surprises during a process and investment as important to them as it is to build the house of their dreams, to live in it all the family.

OOIIO Arquitectura not only does everything possible to ensure that the work is successful, as previously planned and agreed, but it is committed to achieving uniqueness, because the result is also special, original, fresh, different from other houses, adapted like a glove to customer needs.

Soon at www.ooiio.com we will be able to see the result. We really want to see how it looks!
A clue: the main materials of this new apartment refurbishment works in Madrid by OOIIO Arquitectura are oak wood and natural light, which will flood the apartment everywhere.