UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). New OOIIO design house in Madrid.



OOIIO Architects begins the construction of a new design house in Madrid, in the fashionable residential district of Montecarmelo, at the north of the city.

Casa Arnedillo is the name of this new efficient house with modern design that we will soon see growing up in a narrow and quiet street, ideal to live in a different area, without traffic or bustle.

This new design house in Madrid has been studied by the architects of OOIIO with great effort and attention to detail, following at all times the tastes of the client promoting the project, and complying with the strict municipal regulations that affect this plot and condition the shape of the house.

Casa Arnedillo will be simple, elegant, original and discreet. Its appearance with a certain resemblance to an industrial construction, wants to reinforce the idea that the Montecarmelo neighborhood itself just a few years ago was a peripheral area on the outskirts of the city. Nowadays it is a wealthy residential area under development with great force and speed.

OOIIO´s architects team is about to deliver another two projects of design house in Madrid, also in Montecarmelo currently in the final stage of construction.

More and more private clients rely on OOIIO Architecture Studio to design and build those unique housing projects they always dreamed of.

An investment as important for a family as their own home, the home of their lives, should be in good hands, and more customers are betting on the good work of the professional team of OOIIO Architecture, becoming over the years a benchmark for the architecture of unique design housing projects in Madrid, based on completing dozens successful projects.