LECTURE. (Poland). New Generations Festival.



Joaquín Millán, representing the OOIIO studio, gives a lecture in Warsaw, Poland, within the “New Generations in Architecture Festival, 2018”, an event that brings together 25 leading emerging architecture studios from all over Europe.

Joaquín Millán´s lecture is about how OOIIO is organized internally and the different methods the studio has followed to grow and settle in just 8 years as an emerging architecture practice highlighted at national and European level, in the midst of a deep economic crisis.

The “New Generations Festival” program covers 3 days and includes conferences, round tables, presentations by keynote speakers and workshops exploring three main themes:

Each group tends to define its work through a precise term. From the classic, but general “office” which implies a precise organisational structure, with clear hierarchies, passing through the word “atelier,” or “workshop,” which instead implies a more open and experimental concept of work and more like the artist’s way of working. This theme is aimed at analysing and comparing different organisational models of the architectural firm.

BUSINESS refers to the different aspects that allow an architecture firm to be independent and economically sustainable. We will analyse types of projects, budgets and clients, fees, with the aim of understanding successful models which might be considered as examples for the new generation of designers involved in the festival.

The Internet and the social media opened a series of new opportunities in terms of visibility, and radically changed the way we communicate what we do, contributing to a redefinition of the classical hierarchies of the architectural firm. MEDIA therefore focuses on the opportunities offered by digital channels, analysing successful marketing strategies, which often reside behind the most successful projects.

The event is organized with the sponsorship of the Association of Polish Architects, the Polish National Institute of Architecture and Urbanism, the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland of the Mazovian District and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland.

The Festival proposes a wide range of activities, such as the “Re-imagining Warsaw” workshop and 3 rounds of lecture, in which OOIIO participates, with the aim of sharing the keys behind the work of the most outstanding emerging architecture studios of the continent.

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