PREMIO. (Alemania). Casa MIGA, diseñada por OOIIO Arquitectura, gana DOS "Iconic Awards: Innovative Architecture".

OOIIO Architecture wins two “Iconic Awards: Innovative Architecture 2020” with MIGA House, the apartment renovation project in Madrid, designed and built by this architecture studio to radically transform a small apartment in the Madrid Río area, one of the most dynamic neighborhoods in the capital in recent years, thanks to the deep transformation on going on this area.

The “Iconic Awards: Innovative Architecture” are organized annually by the German Design Council and recognize internationally outstanding works in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Product Design and Brand Communication.

MIGA House has stood out for the members of the jury for its originality, daring and quality of design, particularly highlighting the ability of OOIIO Architects in handling materials, experimenting with new possibilities of ceramics, a material that is especially liked in this architecture studio for its durability, ease of cleaning and functionality, plastic capacity to transmit all kinds of emotions and simplicity of implementation.

The awards received are within the categories of “Innovative Architecture – Selection” and “Innovative Materials – Selection”.

We hope that OOIIO Architecture trajectory continues on this good path and that they will soon surprise us with new designs of unique residential architecture.

Link to more information about MIGA House project, designed by OOIIO Architecture.