Urban swing for sport and culture

How to create a new urban center for the city of Vienna?
An urban knot is a mixture of many tangible and non-tangible things, building together a landscape very rich in social and psychological interconnections.
The place proposed for the contest currently has a large number of commercial use program, housing the largest shopping center in all of Austria, but none of the surrounding buildings or urban spaces are trained to promote social cohesion of the inhabitants of the neighborhood . New urban activities must be generated that transform degraded and impersonal urban spaces around the large shopping center into a new urban center for Vienna.

The large shopping center is capable of attracting people from all over Austria but users get inside their commercial galleries and completely forget about the outer urban space.
This denial of the urban context is directly affecting the surroundings of the large group of commercial buildings, where we can find degraded and disused buildings and boring and not interesting public spaces.

Mainly the area is composed at the urban center level of:
– The boulevard that accompanies one of the most important ring roads in Vienna, which crosses the entire neighborhood and nowadays presents us more as a barrier that divides the city (single-family residences in the south in front of tall housing blocks in the north) with a green area not accessible in the center of it.
– Open spaces around the shopping center, used as parking or places just passing through to access the stores.
None of these elements have any construction and / or representative public space that can give identity or feeling of belonging of the inhabitants to the neighborhood.
The place lacks architectural character!
One of the most important aspects of a good construction is its ability to inspire emotions in its users, generate feelings, bring optimism to society and make people welcome them as part of their lives.

Following these ideas, we propose an optimistic, very visual and fresh construction that will definitely transform the spirit of this neighborhood: “The Vienna Loop”.
We are convinced that the best way to revitalize this degraded area with a moderate investment is to create a three-dimensional cycling and athletics track that plays with the urban space of Vienna.

With this simple but very iconic construction we can bring many new spatial qualities to the place, immediately becoming a milestone for the city, which will be used by the neighbors and by people from all over the world who want to come to experience it.
Suddenly this construction will become a symbol of Vienna, as a fresh element, which promotes sport and healthy life and culture, regenerating a neighborhood that today is only known for a huge shopping center.

The sports court is not only designed to play with open urban space, but also with existing semi-abandoned buildings, which will now be rehabilitated as a cultural center, business incubator for new entrepreneurs, greenhouses for urban agriculture, nursery, etc. In addition to the outdoor activities that will happen in the new urban spaces with which the “Loop” plays, such as chill out area, outdoor amphitheater, climbing wall, skate park, outdoor market … Without forgetting of course offering to citizens a sports track to lead a healthy life, open to all, from which they can also see their own city in other points of view from which they had never done so.

Definitely a much richer and interesting urban center, capable of perfectly compensating for itself the lack of current social cohesion in the area caused by the “denial of context” of the large shopping center.

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  • Status: Competition.
  • Project Year: 2015.
  • Location: Vienna, Austria.
  • Surface: 7 Ha.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Laura López Aspiroz, Ángel Gabriel Álamo Álamo.
  • Client: Europan 13.