OOIIO. (Spain). Learning from Tradition in Contemporary Architecture.

La Tradición que perdura. In OOIIO we understand bioclimatic architecture as the one that optimizes its energy in relation with the environment thanks to a good architectural design. When we say "bioclimatic" we want to focus in the…
Arquitectos para Reformas.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Building Renovation in Yepes.

The three-story building renovation works in Yepes, Toledo, have already begun. The main objective of our intervention is to improve the accessibility and energy efficiency of the old building located in a very central point of the town. In…
Reforma en Toledo diseñada por el estudio de arquitectura OOIIO

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). OOIIO begins the refurbishment in Toledo of an old haystack.

The refurbishment works in Toledo of an old haystack designed by the OOIIO Architecture studio are progressing little by little, and the results are already poping up. As a work to recover old structures, the project is always open, so…

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Begins construction of "Haystack Refurbishment" in Toledo.

  Work begins for the Refurbishment of an abandoned hayloft in Toledo, Spain. In OOIIO team we are really excited about the possibility of intervening in a building as special as this one. Our project is done with much affection.…