430 social housing in Brazil

OOIIO has been hired to design 430 social homes within a new sustainable neighborhood in Itajaí, Brazil, called Alameda dos Ipês.

The project, currently under construction, has been hard and long months of work and has been done in direct collaboration with other architecture studios and Brazilian promoters, OOIIO being the foreign team participating in the project, which has been a learning experience for us and an excellent opportunity for cultural exchange and understanding of the operation of the construction market of the Latin American giant.

Alameda dos Ipês is conceived to meet all the requirements of the Brazilian social housing program “minha casa, minha vida”, designed to set the standards necessary to design decent buildings for poor social classes.

The building designed by OOIIO for this neighborhood is intended to maximize resources and play in our favor with the multiple economic and legal restrictions to achieve quality and affordable architecture, understanding at all times the technical reality of the local construction market, to thus achieve a realistic project with quality standards far superior to similar projects in the area.

In addition to the design of buildings and apartments, OOIIO has also been responsible for providing the planning of multiple architectural elements that, with few resources, make Alameda dos Ipês known as a “Social Urbanism” promotion, that is, the implication This project with the community life of its future tenants goes beyond the traditional design of social housing, but also wants the common spaces to be specially treated to foster the inter-relationships of individuals, sports, life in contact with nature, the interaction of different social groups and ages, respect for the nearby environment, etc.

The social housing of Alameda dos Ipês is therefore a project, already under construction, in which the dream of our client is coming true: to really achieve a much more social urbanism.

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  • Status: Under construction.
  • Project Year: 2013 – 2014.
  • Location: Itajaí, Brazil.
  • Surface: 27,948.9 m2 built and 84,005.6 m2 urbanized with elements of social urbanism.
  • Design: OOIIO Arquitectura + Terra
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Sergio González Gómez, Ana Fernández Galván, Francisco González Fernández.
  • Client: Abramar inc.