The Skin I Live In

Peru, and its capital Lima are experiencing a very interesting opening and growth moment. That is why we believe it is the perfect time to propose a different office building for Lima.

Alfredo Benavides Avenue begins to change its profile and, as in other areas of the capital, we notice a significant densification process, so that new, increasingly tall buildings emerge everywhere, making the city more and more sustainable.

The more dense Lima is, the greater the concentration of human activity and the less amount of soil and natural resources that are wasted.

Within this successful densification movement, the proposed plot has an interesting north-south orientation, but it is somewhat reduced for the amount of useful square meters desired by the customer if we want to ensure good lighting and ventilation of all rooms.

Thus, based on purely bioclimatic criteria, we managed to satisfy all the required needs, obtaining a contemporary, profitable and sustainable office building.

Bioclimatic innovations:

– No to the vertical patio, yes to the diagonal patio!

A vertical patio that really introduces light into the lower floors of the building, given its height and narrowness, would cause us to lose too much space per floor, so we propose instead 3 diagonal patios on the sides that get several advantages such as a better use of the floor surfaces being able to be recreational spaces for offices, encourage cross ventilation between the north-south facades and put plenty of light inside thanks to a series of strategically oriented mirror slats on the north facade.

– Take advantage of the garúa to save water and generate microclimates.

Lima being an area with very little rainfall, in turn enjoys abundant humidity. It is important to know how to save water and find new sources to obtain it. That is why we propose a simple but ingenious method, quite economical, to get the facades to collect water from the typical garúa and the ambient humidity of the city. Generating a double facade with a fine mesh that allows perfectly see through it and that the light enters inside, but that in addition to creating a good acoustic barrier against the dense traffic of Alfredo Benavides avenue, collect moisture and make it precipitate in some deposits, with which we will give some vertical gardens that will make the work in the offices more pleasant and will produce microclimates in the facade that will help the climate control of the interior. It is a cheap technique and already used in other places, ideal for obtaining water from the environmental humidity in Lima.

Programmatic innovations:

– We start from the base of generating flexible and divisible workspaces in one or several offices per floor, demanded by the client for the best profitability of the building. In addition to complying perfectly with these premises, we offer the possibility of obtaining two types of spaces: “Spaces A” wider, where the usual work of an office will be developed, and “Spaces B” that will serve the “Spaces A”, corresponding with meeting rooms, offices, office rest area, etc. These

– The “Spaces B” are associated with the diagonal patios and generate a zig-zag along the volume of the building, so that we obtain two special floors (floor 3 and 6) that would be ideal for exhibitions, events from the offices themselves or from external offices, etc. increasing the profitability of the building for the client, and the possibilities of its enjoyment for the users.

– On deck that special programmatic band culminates with a swimming pool, cafeteria and a recreation area for the building.

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  • Status: Competition.
  • Project Year: 2014.
  • Location: Roquetas de Mar, Almería.
  • Surface: 2,600 m2.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Sergio González Gómez, Mª Eugenia Peyron Enjuanes, Sergio Velandrino Poveda.
  • Client: Roquetas de Mar City Council.