Stony Mimesis.

The design proposal tries to “hide” the houses in the landscape, which are ment to be the “mountain rocks” of the environment. We wanted to add value to the existing desert landscape, and the beautiful and radical contrast between the rocky hills and the valleys of Cieneguilla.

The project considers a terracing with local vegetation throughout the lot following the existing terrain. The “green crack” or “water crack” is the main way up and main access to housing units, such as the Lurin river runs through the valley of Cieneguilla. In this way we will find viewpoint terraces, fountains, water channels and terraced gardens that accompany the people in their daily lives, transforming public spaces into a real haven of peace. This water channel culminates in the elongated pool next to the building of the common areas, the level of access to the lot, having the building gardens as the sunniest and horizontal areas of the field. On the other hand, in order to not misuse the water resources of the place, we propose native vegetation adapted to the desert climate and therefore try to limit the irrigated areas to this crack that is also main access track.

It is a contemporary architecture that enhances the scenic location with terraces, arbors, plant walls. The side walls are adapted to the geometry of the field, emphasizing the profile of the hills. The volume of services and parking acts as a transition space between the public road and private housing within the batch. The garden pergola creates a green facade that turns to the road path.

The service areas include common uses such as laundry, main kitchen, living room, game room, guest bedroom and bathroom. This volume disposed transversely on the lot, visually separates the parking area from the rest of the houses. 7 parking spaces are provided.

The living quarters consist of 3 duplex with equivalent housing structure and a 1 unique floor plan house for the elderly.

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  • Status: Construction Documents.
  • Project Year: 2013 – 2014.
  • Location: Cieneguilla, Lima, Peru.
  • Area: 600 m2  (lot 1067 m2).
  • Design: Arquitectura Verde (Concept), OOIIO Architecture (Project).
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Gabriela Sanz Rodríguez, Patrick Webb, Anjara Rodríguez, Magdalena Polvorinos.
  • Client: Private.