AWARD. (Spain). Refurbishment of Íscar Main Square.


The architecture studio OOIIO wins the 1st Accésit in the contest for the refurbishment of the Plaza Mayor de Íscar, Valladolid, as well as the conditioning of its immediate surroundings, which comprises approximately an area of ​​about 2,000 square meters, where it is intended to achieve a space multi-functional on a free program that allows to define the most appropriate solution to solve the urban problems that the Plaza presents today, which guarantees, among other conditions, multiple uses and must be suitable for large-scale events; meet the conditions of accessibility, both the space itself and access to the Town Hall; the maintenance of traffic on Calle Mayor and Antero García; have an adaptable lighting for both daily and occasional use; the reversibility of any of the proposals that are installed in order that the projected ornamental solutions are easy to dismantle and hide in events where this is advised; the implantation of solutions of easy handling and maintenance, as well as of fast and simple process of substitution by breakage, obsolescence or repair; and its adaptation to the urban regulations of Íscar.

The proposal of OOIIO Architecture turned out to be the second best classified by the jury of the contest for the refurbishment of the plaza, to which 16 architectural firms from all over Spain presented themselves.

The government team of Íscar, as convener of the contest, chose at the time to tender through the procedure of Open Competition for Architects with the intervention of a jury, “considering that it is the most appropriate to obtain the best possible solution to the requested program and to the individuals Circumstances of the delimited urban area », explained the alderman while observing and commenting on some of the proposals presented by the architects to the contest of refurbishment of the plaza with several neighbors.

For the team of OOIIO Architecture, it is a new award that adds to several more already achieved in Public Space projects, a project typology that is becoming little by little a specialty within the studio.

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