PRIZE. (Spain). OOIIO wins 3rd Prize in Architecture Competition in Canary Islands.


OOIIO Architecture wins 3rd Prize in the Architecture Competition for the Integrated Civic Center of Morro Jable, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

The project presented by OOIIO aims to reinterpret the local architecture betting on sustainability and commitment to the environment of the building.

The City Council of Pájara called the “Contest of ideas at the level of an open, anonymous and in a single phase’ project for the construction of the new Integrated Dotational Center of the Tagoror Square in Morro Jable. With this project, the Consistory aims to integrate in the urban area of ​​the town a new space for the development of leisure activities, recreation, sports and training, among others; with three different areas: a green space, a municipal library and parking spaces“.

For its part, the Councilor for Urban Planning, Pilar Saavedra, highlights “the importance of the work project, which will lead to an area of ​​leisure and recreation for the use of citizenship, which also gives a solution to the problem of the parking in the downtown area. The work is framed within a greater action, which pursues the enhancement of green spaces in the town“.

The Tagoror Square is located in the urban area of ​​Morro Jable and is currently occupied by a playground and parking. The park shows some deterioration due to the passage of time and it is not very accessible due to the strong slope with Buenaventura street.

With the execution of the project, which would involve an estimated investment of 6 million euros, a global action is proposed in all the free space that borders the gully that divides the population, and that in a second phase is intended to cover, creating a great urban infrastructure.

The constructed area for the library will be 2,500 square meters. The building will house a reading room, study room, exhibition hall and for cultural activities, etc. For its part, the parking area will house about 180 seats, providing 10 places for charging electric vehicles.

Thank you very much for this new recognition and keep working!