AWARD. (International). OOIIO Architecture wins 1st Prize in Europan 15!


The OOIIO Architecture team wins the 1st Prize in the Europan 15 International Urban Planning Competition, with a project for the regeneration of the “Charca del Hambre” industrial zone located in Casar de Cáceres, Spain.

This is a very important award for the studio, as it culminates a research process on innovation in urban design that began many years ago. Even before the OOIIO study was founded, Joaquín Millán was already exploring different solutions to complex urban problems.

The Europan International Urbanism Competition is one of the most important prizes that a young architect in Europe can win, it has been held every 2 years for already 15 editions, and it enjoys prestige and tradition. Without a doubt, an unmissable event for any young architect with concerns about new forms of urban design.

Joaquín Millán, at the head of different teams of collaborators within OOIIO Arquitectura, has already won a Second Prize in Kuopio, Finland, in the Europan 12 edition and an Honorable Mention in Europan 14 for an urban proposal for the beach in Palma de Mallorca .

The First Prize, now in Casar de Cáceres, closes a very fruitful stage that has greatly advanced the OOIIO Architecture studio, both at the level of knowledge in Urban research, and from the point of view of experimentation in new techniques of architectural graphic expression.

Link to more information about the OOIIO project that won the Europan 15 award.