Events scheduled to revitalize the city

When studying the project site we found it difficult to find major problems that needed important interventions in this urban center. It was not like other projects where you immediately saw things that did not work clearly.

We believe that the historic center of Ingolstadt does not need large investments or complex projects to recover its urban quality. With a good management of the current urban resources and a little re-ordering of the open spaces of the city and of the public infrastructures we can obtain great benefits revitalizing this beautiful city.
The center of Ingolstadt is well established and preserves a historic complex, with beautiful corners and a great architectural and urban heritage, with the right scale and topography flat enough to promote cycling and a pedestrian lifestyle.

A city attractive enough to welcome new inhabitants and tourists.

We then base our proposal on a recycling and urban improvement strategy rather than betting on a hard transformation Masterplan and strong investments.
We believe that a very interesting way to achieve great effects and urban transformations for Ingolstadt is to bet on “events” as urban regenerators capable of reviving the city and obtaining impressive results in the inhabitant – city – visitors relationship.
We understand that Ingolstadt has all the advantages of becoming a CITY OF EVENTS.
Working on a good management (urban, political, social and economic) of these events, the city center will be greatly revitalized and all at a very low cost.

Ingolstadt enjoys a strategic location between several important cities such as Munich, Stuttgart and Nuremberg, which makes Ingolstadt a perfect destination to host any type of event that welcomes thousands of visitors.
The events can be of any scale and any type, and all of them will have a place to be hosted in the center of Ingolstadt.
We understand that simply by making small modifications to your urban landscape we can prepare Ingolstadt to organize these events so that visitors and citizens can enjoy them comfortably and benefit greatly from these new activities.

The city will be prepared to host new events and develop more those it already has: the organization of a music festival, the big promotion companies, fashion shows, sports competitions, small-scale meetings, book promotions, gardening competitions , carnival parades, pet shows, party night fashion, open air theater festival, art gallery openings, neighboring celebrations, Oktoberfest, triathlon competitions, philatelic exhibition, etc.
By inserting small urban transformations in the historic center of the city of Ingolstadt or recycling existing infrastructure we can host any of these events and also improve the life of the city when there are no events, which for us is as important as being able to welcome them.

EVENT CITY MASTERPLAN will be good for Ingolstadt for:

– Obtain economic benefits from new visitors, improving the local economy by encouraging the creation of new hotels recycling existing buildings, new restaurants and shops, where more people will find jobs.

– Improve local cultural life with lots of new opportunities to organize exhibitions, art markets or any type of festivals that will make the name of the city more attractive and welcome interesting people.

– To achieve much better social cohesion of the inhabitants of the city because the events can have a social character, guided by public management. The social interaction of different ages and / or activities of diverse social groups that can be mixed or happen at the same time.

– Recover the urban historical heritage thanks to the new uses that we will provide anywhere in the city. In addition, the new economic income from the events can be used for the rehabilitation of the architectural heritage of the city, and in some years several buildings might seem much better than today.

– Cause population growth in Ingolstadt, thanks to the new jobs created in the tourist, cultural and service areas.

– Improve the reputation of the city of Ingolstadt everywhere thanks to the publicity of all the events organized in it. The name of the city will appear in all media.

– All our strategy is based on a low-investment Masterplan, not only because we recycle as much as possible the cities, urban spaces and architectural elements, also due to the proposed new structures they are low cost and with great benefits.

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  • Status: Competition.
  • Project Year: 2015.
  • Location: Ingolstadt, Germany.
  • Surface: 6.4 ha.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Marta Escuderos, Estefanía Arrieta, Joyce Kelly Nakano.
  • Client: Europan 13.