INTERVIEW. (USA). OOIIO´s Unbalance Hotel at CNN.



North American channel CNN interviews Joaquín Millán, OOIIO´s Founder and Creativity Director, about the iconic office hotel project designed for Lima, Peruvian capital.

Here some interview sentences:

“Designed by Spanish architecture firm OOIIO, the Unbalance Hotel (the project’s working title) resembles a tilted photo frame at the edge of a high cliff in Lima, Peru.”
“Lima hasn´t got a representative iconic building that brings the more than 8 million inhabitants of the city to be well known worldwide,” OOIIO director Joaquín Millán tells CNN.
“We wanted to create something radical, strong. A landmark, a building that makes you think, a shape that shakes your imagination.
“We know that as soon as you do something that radical on such a dominant location there are going to be a lot of people hating it. And some of them also loving it.
“This is what we want — make people talk about architecture, and what to do and not to do with Lima’s urban landscape.”

Link to more information about the project.