The Carlder-Picasso exhibition, designed by OOIIO Architecture, open to public!


Calder-Picasso, the first exhibition organized in Spain comparing the work of these two great masters of twentieth-century art, can be visited until the end of February 2020. Inaugurated with great public success in September 2019 at the Picasso Museum in Malaga , confirming itself as one of the great exhibitions of the year art nationwide in Spain.

The exhibition design was carried out by OOIIO Arquitectura.

The grandchildren of both artists were the precursors of the idea of ​​organizing this exhibition. Thanks to the knowledge of the work of their grandparents, they were able to connect the way of thinking of both by drawing a connection path based mainly on the exploration of the emptiness that each one carried out, through abstraction. From this great sharing, the commission arrived at the OOIIO Arquitectura studio to design the exhibition at the Picasso Museum in Malaga.

It is expected that more than 200,000 people pass through the exhibition that has 107 first-class works, which complete the large permanent collection on different periods of the artistic life of the Malaga-born master who already exists in the Andalusian Museum.

The OOIIO Architecture Studio has been in charge of designing the spaces in which the works are exhibited, making an effort to favor dialogue both between pieces and between these pieces and the spaces that contain them. Making a thorough study to understand how to enhance the artistic qualities of each of the works, and what is the ideal path for people to capture their essence and understand what the curators want to tell.

OOIIO makes the leap to the world of exhibition design and musealization in a big way, taking responsibility for the production and assembly of one of the most important exhibitions of the year in Spain.


Link to an exhibition article in El Pais newspaper.