Sport, environment and weather

OOIIO Arquitectura was commissioned to design an innovative set of paddle tennis courts in Kite Beach, the surfers beach of Dubai.

Padel is a very common sport in countries like Spain or Argentina, but it is a completely new sport in the United Arab Emirates. Our client wanted a special project, to present the Padel to all the inhabitants of the country as a new and fun way to play with friends, take care of the body and health.

For this they asked us to design a project that would not leave you indifferent in an extraordinary location, Kite Beach Dubai, where many sports enthusiasts will play with surfing waves and practice all kinds of beach sports. We had to make a project capable of attracting the attention of all those people so that Padel is the new fashion sport.

That is why we proposed an open and divided sports hall, quite the opposite of the typical pavilion as a closed neutral box that we are used to seeing in any sports center. The intention was that the pedestrians could see what happens inside the construction, and that the users who play on the paddle courts inside, can in turn enjoy the fantastic views of the sea and the beach.

The weather during most of the year is really pleasant in Dubai, but in the summer months the heat becomes unbearable and you have to avoid the sun. For all these reasons, we decided to solve the project by means of perimeter beams with a particular silhouette that will surround each of the padel courts, and which in turn will be covered with light rods, a very appropriate material for a project on a beach.

With this solution we achieve several things at once:

– We get the attention of everyone who sees the project.

– The skin of reeds generates shadows to make the game more comfortable inside.

– By dividing the typical sports hall into several “mini-pavilions”, we make the maintenance of the complex much more economical and ecological, since the climatic conditioning of the tracks can be better controlled, so that if a track is not used , it is not necessary to heat it.

– The perimeter beams also serve as the perfect support structure to completely close the interior space through awnings, protecting us from the intense sun, creating a pleasant micro-climate, imitating the techniques of traditional Arab architecture.

In short, a new concept of paddle courts, to practice sports in a building perfectly related to the environment and the seasons.

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  • Status: Basic Project.
  • Project Year: 2013.
  • Location: Kite Beach, Dubai. UAE
  • Area: 1,496 m2
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Sergio González Gómez, Isabel Sánchez Puerta, M. Soledad Antón Vicente, Cristina Vicario del Cojo, Sergio Velandrino Poveda.
  • Client: Carboneras Sports Agency.