UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Housing Project in Toledo.



Construction work begins on a new housing project in Toledo, Casa LUC, a singular single-family residence designed and executed by the OOIIO architecture studio.

It is a spacious and comfortable home that will be filled with natural light everywhere thanks to a series of terraces and patios strategically arranged, so inside the interiors you will feel happy and spatious.

The house-patio relationship is deeply rooted in the local way of life, so the architects have turned the living rooms to the patio on the ground floor, repeating this feeling also on the first floor thanks to the fact that two large terraces have been generated to replicate the “interior versus patio” effect just where the rest of the regular houses can never enjoy this sensation.

In the area where the house is built there is also a long tradition of brick making. A housing project in Toledo is the perfect commission to reflect on the possibilities of brick, so OOIIO´s architects have decided to play with this old material, because it is simple, cheap and does not need maintenance, looking for new forms of expression and exploring its plasticity.
For this purpose, the street and courtyard façade wall rigging will be built with special klinker bricks to get nice shadows and textures. We are looking forward to its execution!

A new housing project in Toledo developed by the OOIIO Arquitectura studio, and there are a few already. The good work of the technical team of the studio is helping to make the “word of mouth” work and the recommendations of clients who have already designed their houses with OOIIO, are the best guarantee that the families that trust these architects are undoubtedly satisfied.

We are very excited in the studio to continue to see this project grow, which has brought us so much work and dedication!

Soon we will show news of this new housing project in Toledo on our social and web networks!

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