UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). House in the Mountains of Madrid.

casa en la sierra


OOIIO Architecture Studio begin 2019 with several unique housing projects under construction. This is the case, for example, of the BUS House, currently growing in the mountains at the North of Madrid, in Bustarviejo, a small town of 2,500 inhabitants that is 1,250 meters above sea level.

For this house in the mountains the architects have designed a project that integrates very well into the environment, playing with very simple shapes, finished materials completely normal in the area, but combined with the touch of uniqueness that always characterizes the work of the studio OOIIO.

The main problem to solve in the design of this house in the mountains is the extreme weather in winter, with significant snowfall and very low temperatures, so providing the house with good insulation is completely fundamental, apart from the problems that those frosts can create during the construction phase, which are forcing the architects to organize the construction by looking at the weather forecasts, taking decisions on a weekly basis.

The house is equipped with double facades that will perfectly protect the interior of the harsh winter climate, and thanks to a series of “flares”, will be able to play with natural light and give a cool exterior appearance to the building.

Casa BUS is a new OOIIO project in a 100% rural environment, and there are many already, continuing the line of work opened by this Architecture Studio since its first commission almost a decade ago, when OOIIO opened with the design of a house in a village in La Mancha.

Working in a town doing singular architecture is quite different from designing buildings in more urban environments such as Madrid or any of the cities where OOIIO is building currently (Leganés, Valdemoro, Las Rozas, Alcobendas, …). In small towns the tradition is much more present and you have to listen to it. The workers themselves in their different jobs work with old techniques. The materials are what they are, and there is no need to import from far away other techniques and materials alien to the place.

As architects, it is fascinating to observe and learn all these differences and nuances.

Soon on www.ooiio.com we will see the BUS House built! We are so looking forward to it!