UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). New OOIIO design house in Madrid.

  OOIIO Architects begins the construction of a new design house in Madrid, in the fashionable residential district of Montecarmelo, at the north of the city. Casa Arnedillo is the name of this new efficient house with modern…

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Apartment Refurbishment in Madrid.

The OOIIO architecture studio continues at a good pace with the apartment refurbishment works in Madrid, in a beautiful apartment in the well-known area of ​​Paseo de la Castellana. The project consists of carrying out a deep and…

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 3 Stores Apartment Refurbishment Project.

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  OOIIO Architecture begins the construction works of a new Apartment Refurbishment Project in Madrid. At the moment in this architecture studio there are 6 projects of this kind underway, in different phases. Little by little we…
casa en la sierra

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). House in the Mountains of Madrid.

  OOIIO Architecture Studio begin 2019 with several unique housing projects under construction. This is the case, for example, of the BUS House, currently growing in the mountains at the North of Madrid, in Bustarviejo, a small town…

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Housing Project in Toledo.

  Construction work begins on a new housing project in Toledo, Casa LUC, a singular single-family residence designed and executed by the OOIIO architecture studio. It is a spacious and comfortable home that will be filled with…

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Our architecture studio grows up!

  The OOIIO architecture studio, specialized in the design and execution of singular projects, has 6 of their last projects under construction at the moment. In addition, the architects have just delivered another 4 projects this…

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Flat Refurbishment in Madrid.

  OOIIO designs a flat refurbishment in Madrid, with the aim of radically transforming the appearance of an old apartment in the Madrid Río area. The clients asked to OOIIO´s architects for an original and different project,…

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Two houses in Montecarmelo, Madrid.

OOIIO begins the construction of two houses in Montecarmelo, one of the most fashionable residential neighborhoods of Madrid. The architecture studio has designed with care and hard work every corner of these houses. The project phase…
constructoras de casas en Madrid

OOIIO, Home Builders in Madrid.

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OOIIO Architecture, with experience among the construction companies of houses in Madrid. All our projects always seek a unique and original solution that believes and bets for a unique design. We understand architecture not only as a construction…
proyectos de vivienda en Madrid

Housing Projects in Madrid by OOIIO Architecture.

Housing projects in Madrid: natural light, a relevant item in our proposals Sunlight is for OOIIO Architecture the most important material to take into account when carrying out a project. For this reason, in our housing projects in Madrid…
Arquitectos para Reformas.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Building Renovation in Yepes.

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The three-story building renovation works in Yepes, Toledo, have already begun. The main objective of our intervention is to improve the accessibility and energy efficiency of the old building located in a very central point of the town. In…

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. (Spain). Single family Home.

Casa LH is a single family home project designed by OOIIO Architecture in Las Herencias, a small town in the province of Toledo with quiet streets and friendly family life. Our project pretends to adapt to that place in a discreet way…