Joaquín Millán, Founder & Creative Director of OOIIO Architecture among the “100 most creative Spaniards in business” by Forbes.

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OOIIO Architecture´s Founder and Creative Director, Joaquín Millán, has been included by Forbes magazine in the list of "the 100 most creative Spaniards in the business world". For OOIIO, it is an honor that a magazine as important…

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. 3 Stores Apartment Refurbishment Project.

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  OOIIO Architecture begins the construction works of a new Apartment Refurbishment Project in Madrid. At the moment in this architecture studio there are 6 projects of this kind underway, in different phases. Little by little we…

OOIIO Architecture, specialists in Unique Homes.

  OOIIO Architecture was consolidated in 2018 as one of the best architecture studios in Madrid specializing in the design and execution of unique homes, thanks to several works completed successfully. The vocation of OOIIO with…

Light and Shadow, as Architecture Keys.

  Le Corbusier already said it with his famous definition quote of Architecture (1920) " Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light. And nothing could be more true. The light, for…
constructoras de casas en Madrid

OOIIO, Home Builders in Madrid.

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OOIIO Architecture, with experience among the construction companies of houses in Madrid. All our projects always seek a unique and original solution that believes and bets for a unique design. We understand architecture not only as a construction…

OOIIO. (Spain). Learning from Tradition in Contemporary Architecture.

La Tradición que perdura. In OOIIO we understand bioclimatic architecture as the one that optimizes its energy in relation with the environment thanks to a good architectural design. When we say "bioclimatic" we want to focus in the…

OOIIO. (Spain). Renewable Energies in Domestic Architecture.

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Begins 2018 and it is mandatory to look back to see what data has left us in 2017. Among many analyzes in relation to the current policy of the country, economy, housing prices, architecture and construction ... etc, we have found a positive…

OOIIO. (Spain). We are investing in Research + Development.

OOIIO invests in Research + Development betting on research in new fields of work. We love to embark on new challenges as are each project that comes to the studio. This time in the form of competitions, which require a new way of thinking…
OOIIO, Estudio Internacional de Arquitectura Emergente

OOIIO. (Spain). We are a multicultural team! ;-)

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The OOIIO family continues to grow and this summer we have been very well accompanied. We welcome new colleagues from Italy, Poland, France, Turkey and Brazil, who expand and enrich the team by providing different approaches that are generated…

TEACHING. (Ecuador). Seminar at the Iberoamerican Architectural Bienniale. Cuenca, Ecuador.

Joaquín Millán participates as teacher at the 2nd Iberoamerican Architectural Bienniale celebrated in Cuenca, Ecuador, being in charge of the course: "Surrealist Techniques in Architectural Design".

TEACHING. (Peru). Architecture Workshops in Catholic University of Santa Maria, in Arequipa, Peru.

  Joaquín Millán participates as professor at the Architecture Workshop held at the Catholic University of Santa María in Arequipa, Peru, in October 2015, with architecture students from 18 Latin American countries. An exercise…

EVENT. (Spain). OOIIO participates at the “Architecture Night Dinner”.

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Grupo Vía and Smart Click Tour bring together a select group of architects on an event last Wednesday, May 6. A very special gastronomic evening was held at the M29 restaurant, at the Hotel Miguel Angel in Madrid. A meeting between colleagues…