Tradition 2.0.

Single Family dweling in Toledo, mixing tradition and contemporaneity
This house is on a small plot of 2.000 sq. ft. (212m2) on the urban border of Mora, an olive-producing town in the province of Toledo. It is organized in two levels and its floor area is 2,500 sq,ft (240m2).

The condition of defragmentation of the surrounding urban network is fully present and defines the whole project. This is generated thanks to a parametrical wall that protects the building from its surroundings and folds towards the inside of the house creating succession of internal open spaces highlighted by the open hallway and the patio in which the house is built over, providing a limited outer view which emphasizes the nearby farming fields.

The house interior spaces are very special. All of them are irregular and different from the others. This is a very particular condition of this dwelling and is not common in contemporary residential architecture.

The regular and quiet exterior appearance does not make foreseeable the spatial and formal richness of the interior of the house.

The natural light that enters through each one of the multiple windows inside the house and that slides by the walls arranged with very different orientations in plant make the interior of this small building a true festival of nuances, shadows and surprises.

A carefully designed project of architecture to get a functional, modern and different house for a young couple that wanted to get a contemporary design house with a low budget to start a new life together in a small town in central Spain.

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  • Status: Execution Project.
  • Project Year: 2010.
  • Location: Mora, Spain.
  • Area: 240 m2.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquin Millan, Luis Alberto Embid.
  • Building Engineer: Agripino Gomez de Zamora.
  • Construction Safely Manage: Sergio Velandrino.
  • Structures: Raul Velandrino.
  • Facilities: Sergio Velandrino.
  • Client: Private.