Module and Light.

Two houses for two brothers on a village on the heart of La Mancha.
The site, very irregular and deep had several terraces, with the slope growing up towards the interior. This interesting condition was kept on the new houses, light and the different ground highs were playing with the spaces, defining them and providing special qualities for each area depending on the uses.

Because of a traditional windmills nearby, the house exterior must keep traditional materials and colors from the vernacular rural architecture of this area, so we decided to create a module based on traditional roofs whose rhythm form the houses. Interior is dynamic and spacious, where the main protagonist will be natural light falling through the skylights in between the modular roofs.

With all these operations the architects studio desiged a very discrete houses from the outside, perfectly integrated in their context, but different and unique in their interior conception.
Contemporary houses, promoting a new way of inhabiting the rural environment. Houses that support the adverse orography of the place in its favor, to rethink new ways of inhabiting the place.

The project was designed very carefully in detail by the architects, but unfortunately it is on hold by the different problems that arose in the hardest years of the Spanish economic crisis of the beginning of the 21st century. Maybe someday it will come back and we can see these beautiful houses built. Until them, we are using all the efforts done on this project into new residential designs that we are building in other rural environments.

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  • Status: Execution Project.
  • Project Year: 2010.
  • Location: Campo de Criptana, Spain.
  • Area: 412 m2.
  • Design: OOIIO Architecture.
  • Team: Joaquin Millan, Emiliano d´Incecco, Juan José Ortega, Sandra Sainz, Luis Alberto Embid.
  • Building Engineer: Montserrat Izquierdo.
  • Construction Safely Manager: Montserrat Izquierdo.
  • Structures: Almudena Majano.
  • Facilities: Almudena Majano.
  • Client: Private.